Can’t find your favourite Otway Pork sausages?


Here at Otway Pork, we have four of your favourite types of pork sausages: traditional Old English Pork sausages, Irish Chipolata sausages, Asian inspired Thai Basil, Chili & Coriander sausages and Spiced Apple Sausages for something a little bit different.  

All our sausages can be grilled at your next BBQ, pan fried or baked in the oven at home or cooked in a warming pork cassoulet or casserole for the whole family.



Otway Pork - Old English Pork Sausages

Our butcher style sausages are created in the traditional Old English fashion; chunky and tasty. Created with 100% Australian Otway Pork and a special mix of herbs and spices, it’s no surprise these are our most popular sausage variety.

Otway Pork Old English sausages are an undeniable family favourite, and can be perfectly paired with mashed potato for the classic staple meal of bangers and mash or in an Italian style pork sausage pasta.


Irish Chipolata Sausages

Otway Pork – Irish Chipolata Sausages

Our delicious Irish Chipolata sausages are made the traditional butcher way using 100% Australian Otway Pork and our custom mix of herbs and spices. Our chipolata sausages are the perfect choice for breakfast, and a favourite with kids.

Our Otway Pork Irish Chipolata sausages are always a crowd pleaser. Serve with eggs served your way, in a fresh bread roll as a snack or in a hearty casserole.

Thai Basil

Otway Pork – Thai Basil, Chilli & Coriander Sausages

The flavours of Thailand in a yummy chunky “butcher style” sausage made the traditional butcher way using 100% Australian Otway Pork and an exotic mix of Basil, Chilli and Coriander.

Otway Pork Thai Basil, Chilli and Coriander sausages are a tasty choice when you’re looking to serve your family something just that little bit different. Great for entertaining. Try serving on a bed of coconut rice instead of mash for a fresh change.

Spiced Apple

Otway Pork – Spiced Apple Sausages

A subtle hint of spiced apple in our 100% Australian Otway Pork sausages makes these chunky “butcher style” sausages a hit with families or for entertaining guests.

Our Spiced Apple sausages adds just that bit of variety to your family menu, that will have your kids coming back asking for more. Try serving with fresh apple sauce and a fennel slaw for perfect pairing, or in a calzone for something a bit different.