Ham RollPure Ham. Pure Taste.


HamOtway Ham is made from 100% Australian Otway Pork.

Following the success and demand for our Fresh Pork;


Otway is now proud to be able to offer a Range of Premium Quality Hams!

Our  Range of Premium Quality Hams are produced in our new purpose built factory in Derrimut, Victoria using only the finest ingredients, natural hardwood smoking and traditional cooking methods.

Otway Pork is the only producer of Ham in Australia that is able to have full control of the entire process from breeding of the pig to the final end result;  Ham that not only tastes good but also considers the welfare of the pig.




Traditional Boneless Leg HamOtway Traditional Boneless Leg Ham

This ham is made the old fashioned traditional way, the way ham used to be made with texture and flavour.


Using only the best two muscles from the leg with a small piece of rind left on to deliver extra flavor, this is then delicately brined and cured for two days cooked and double smoked using natural hardwood.   Approx.  2.5kg – 3.5kg



Nugget Leg HamOtway Nugget Leg Ham

Boneless leg ham with the rind removed, cooked and double smoked using natural hardwood.  Small ham ideal to keep one in the fridge for everday use.  Approx. 800g



Ham on the Bone (half and full)Otway Ham on the Bone (half & full)

Traditional ham on the bone, cooked and double smoked using natural hardwood.  No Christmas table is complete without an Otway Ham on the Bone.